Industrial Floor Cleaning

Bakery-10Floor restoration, especially large areas or severely damaged floors, can take a long time to complete. Using professional grade equipment to maintain your flooring will keep your floor looking new without having to restore or replace it.

Flooring in a commercial or warehouse environment is required to stand up to a large amount of wear and tear. This includes not only foot traffic but also varying weight levels, heavy objects being dropped or dragged, changing temperatures, and so on. If proper care isn’t regularly given to the flooring it will become worn, unattractive, and possibly dangerous.

If the floor is left neglected, there is an increased risk of pitting (often called potholes by workers) which can cause hazardous conditions for workers as well as customers.

These areas will have to be avoided and accidents such as spillage, damage, and injury can become more serious issues if these are left unattended. Any of these situations is cause for concern, as they will result in loss of revenue and possibly legal action for an injury.

Due to the large area and the impact a warehouse floor suffers daily, you need to use professional cleaning equipment on them. Simply sweeping and mopping will take much more time and will not be anywhere near as effective. Investing in a professional floor cleaner will save you money in labor and keep your floor in good condition longer.

There are different types of machines designed for different types of flooring. If you have questions about what machine is best for your floor, give Centaur Machines a call. We will help you decide on the best model for your needs and budget. There are special ways to clean certain floors as well. We will answer any questions you have so you will be armed with the knowledge and equipment to get the job done right.

We have been in the floor equipment and restoration business since 1962. We guarantee all of our machines and they each come with a solid warranty. We also offer training seminars that you can attend (or send an employee to attend) to learn about the best methods for cleaning and maintaining your floors. Call us today.

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