Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Beat Other Cleaning Methods

Industrial Vacuum CleanersNo matter what industry you are in, plant / warehouse / factory maintenance is more important than ever. Industries of all shapes and sizes are being put under the microscope with regard to worker health and safety, air quality, and customer wellbeing. More stringent quality standards and regulations have taken workplace cleanliness to a new level. While mops, brooms, compressed air, and shop-style vacuums all have their place in maintenance plans, many managers are unaware of the costs associated with using inefficient equipment. They ultimately end up paying tens of thousands of dollars more in labor, health insurance, equipment, and other costs.

Most companies still clean their facilities the old fashioned way: brooms and dustpans. Facilities that produce a lot of debris, whether it is fine dust or larger pieces, need to employ people to clean around the clock to keep it out of the air and from settling into floors, walls, pipes, and machinery. This dust and debris (no matter what it is from) can be a breeding ground for insects and bacteria, could be hazardous to your health, become a fire hazard, and cause many other worrisome conditions. It must be cleaned up as fast as possible.

Using old-fashioned equipment is not only time consuming but also often redistributes particles back into the air. This can exacerbate air quality issues and lead to loss of employees to ill health and sick days. Mops and brooms can also promote contamination by spreading bacteria from one piece of machinery to another.

What is the alternative then? Trade in those old mops and brooms for a high quality industrial vacuum. The benefits will be immediate and long term. Cleaning time will be drastically cut the very first day the machine is employed, which will save on labor costs. These machines also suck in and trap contaminants and dust so it will be removed from the floor and none will be dispersed back into the air.

Still most facilities managers think only in the short term and don’t want to spend the money for an industrial vacuum cleaner. But since cost-effectiveness is key, in terms of productivity and vulnerability to safety concerns, employees represent a critical cost, and maximizing their efficiency is vitally important. By choosing superior equipment and implementing clear, consistent practices, employees will be more productive and operations will be more profitable. Manufacturers can increase the productivity and profitability of their facilities and overall operations with a few simple changes and a one-time quality equipment purchase.

If you have questions about industrial vacuums and how they can help you facility save money and become a safer environment, contact Centaur Machines today. We are located in Ontario and service the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. Our machines are top of the line and we are sure to have the perfect model for your needs.

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