Is redwine dangerous to your health ?

Not if you keep it in the cellar and lock the door on it.But if, on the way home from the liquor store, you stumble and break the bottle in the foyer and spill it on your brand new 60 million worth of new Condo marble floor, then you might as well head for the Guillotine.

What to do? How to remove stain from the marble? That is where I come in. No, I am not offering our service to do the job, but I can give you a free sound advise as to what to do. Listen, it cost you nothing, not yet, the bill will come later and you better to mortgage the car.

One can remove wine stain in two ways:
1. The cheap & easy way. POULTICE treatment, which is as old as mankind. It has been used for millennia and still used today as medication. Mixing water with herbs and put it on the skin to cure blemish or wound. In case of the wine stain on marble, you’ll mix POULTICE powder part#810078 and water. Trowel it on the marble about ½” thick. Make sure that you cover the entire stain. Don’t get fancy with it. Then cover the entire stain with plastic such as garbage bag to protect the water from evaporation. Tape the edges of the plastic with masking tape on to the marble. Use tape that is used on walls during panting. Don’t use fancy duct tape or heavy-duty tape. You don’t want to replace the wine stain with an ugly left over glue stain from the tape. The beige or green masking tape will do just fine. Now comes the hard part. If you spilled the wine over a less walked section, then you are able to continue the work, because you must leave this Christmas package on the floor for two days. After which you pick up the whole thing, plastic, tape, and powder and throw it in the garbage. With luck the wine will miraculously migrate into the talcum powder. End of story

2. The expensive way. (Are you ready to mortgage your spouse?) If on the other hand you have spilled the wine right front of the elevator or the entrance door, which constantly in use, then the solution is to use diamond discs to re-grind, hone and polish the floor. Often times this is a long process. To do this job, you need to call an expert and the building management to have the job approved. You can also call me. We don’t do such work but I am teaching the method and able make references for companies who does it. We also rent such machines & sell the diamond discs. However, you still need someone who knows how to do the job.

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