Keeping Staff Safe while Cleaning Commercial Floors

safety-firstIf you are in charge of maintenance for a commercial property, the floors are a significant consideration. If you don’t pay much attention to the floors, then people (especially customers) are going to notice. Most people have a tendency to look down at where they are stepping before they look up. No matter how incredible the architecture is or ornate the walls and ceiling are, it won’t matter if the floors are dirty and rundown.

That means you will be investing a fair amount of time and effort in keeping the floors clean and in good shape. You also need to focus on making sure that all of your staff members are safe while doing this.

Some commercial establishments are open around the clock, such as hospitals and certain markets. That means those commercial floors have to be cleaned during the slowest times of the day, which is usually overnight.

Cordon off the area if possible.

Close a hallway or section to clean it if that’s possible. If it’s not possible, make sure that you supple ample lighting and signs declaring that the floors could be slick. When planning on stripping and waxing floors, you may need to do one half at a time, waiting until the newly waxed or cleaned floor is dry to open it up and then do the next half.

Be aware of traffic.

Whenever you are working on cleaning the floors, pay attention to the people walking throughout the building. If you notice that someone might not be paying attention, offer them assistance. If there is a way that they can maneuver around the work, direct them to do so.

Let people know of the work ahead of time.

Most cleaning will be done every day, which means that staff will become accustomed to this. For work that is not consistent (such as stripping and waxing), give them enough information ahead of time so that they can make other arrangements or find better and safer routes to take to get them to their destination.

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