Large Area Floor Machine Buying Guide

2W22038 no tankThere are many different types of floor cleaning machines but they can be classified into small area cleaning machines and large area hard floor cleaners. The same machine that can be used to clean a small area can be used for cleaning larger areas but it may be stressful on the machine and take a lot longer to accomplish.

You can use different types of machines to clean hard surfaces. Steam cleaners are more common than carpet machines when it comes to industrial application. They use high temperatures to melt the dirt and extract the molten dirt residues. Higher end carpet cleaners such as those with advanced features such as motorized spinner heads are also used for cleaning hard surfaces.

The latest industrial floor cleaner models available from Centaur are actually powerful and versatile floor cleaning systems, tile and grout cleaning equipment, and concrete cleaning machines designed specifically to target numerous tough cleaning applications.

The main difference between large and small area floor machines is in the spinner. Small area machines contain significantly smaller spinner heads so using them on a large area will take longer and wear out the spinner much more quickly.

The newer model floor machines are incredibly flexible. They can be used on a variety of different surfaces – hard wood or tile as well as upholstery and carpet. You need only attach the right accessory with the machine to attain the desired results. For instance, fitting an upholstery wand turns it into an upholstery cleaner. The best brands offer commercial hard floor cleaners that provide enhanced cleaning results while remaining versatile.

Machines that work by heating hard surfaces with high water temperatures have powerful industrial applications. They feature a high vacuum airflow, which helps to remove dirt, grease, and grime. They then contain it for disposal rather than redistribute it. Hence, the machines are environment friendly too. The best heated hard surface cleaners are powerful enough to even strip wax buildup from VCT and vinyl flooring.

When comparing machines look at all the features each has to offer as well as the service provided by the manufacturer. If you know what you need you’ll be able to find the perfect floor machine for any application.

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