When Was the Last Time the Walls of Your Commercial Building Were Cleaned?

Home Cleaning Tips that Can Positively Impact Commercial SpacesCleanliness is essential for most commercial buildings. If this is an office complex and you have numerous businesses working within the facility, the cleanliness of it will matter a lot more than for a warehouse (though that, in no way, means you don’t have to concern yourself with the cleanliness of these facilities) and you want to make sure you invest the proper money into equipment, supplies, and personnel.

What do you focus on most?

When you have your maintenance department focused on cleanliness, what do they deal with most? Is it the windows? How about the floors? Maybe they spent a fair amount of time on the restrooms, entryways, and more.

What commonly gets overlooked, though, are the walls.

Baseboards are also easy to overlook, but those walls may look clean enough, but how close do you or anyone else actually get to them to be sure?

Like any other surface, walls attract dirt.

Dirt floats around. Sure, the floors take the brunt of abuse in a facility, but dirt can be kicked up and float through the air. Eventually some of it (and the dust, bacteria, germs, etc.) will become attracted to the surface of the walls.

Over time, if the walls aren’t cleaned regularly, they will begin to show signs of aging. They’ll look dingy, old, and in some spots plain old dirty.

You might wipe down areas that collect handprints or fingerprints, but the entire wall is becoming exposed to dirt over time.

At least once a month, your maintenance personnel should get into the habit of wiping down the walls, from top to bottom, with a good cleaning solution, clean rags (rotate out rags getting dirty, replace the water, etc. as everything gets dirty), and do this before a thorough floor cleaning.

When you do, the rest of the facility will look much better.

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