Looking Up to Keep Commercial Floors Clean

Home Cleaning Tips that Can Positively Impact Commercial SpacesKeeping any commercial space clean is not always an easy task. In fact, the more traffic it sees, the more difficult it’s going to be to keep looking its best, clean, and safe. When you have a dedicated maintenance department, it can seem easier, but there are numerous mistakes even the more experienced professionals make when it comes to keeping commercial floors clean.

They don’t look up.

If you don’t look up, you could be missing a lot of details that cause the commercial floor space to become dirty, grimy, and less safe relatively quickly. In other words, shortly after they strip down the floors, wax, polish, buff, and basically clean them thoroughly, you begin noticing dirt accumulating around the corners, on the baseboards, and elsewhere.

How could that be? After all, they just cleaned them the night before and there haven’t been too many people coming into the area just yet.

It could be the dust and dirt that settles from above, such as on the air conditioning vent registers, on molding, ceiling fans, and other structures that exist above eye level.

It’s a good idea that every person responsible for commercial floor maintenance and cleaning pays attention to what’s above them. Before they set out to thoroughly clean the floors, they might want to consider using ionically charged dusting mops and other devices that can remove as much dust and dirt from those elevated areas.

Just because the dust is just sitting there doesn’t mean it won’t fall down in a short amount of time. When the air conditioning or heating units kick on, they’re going to be blowing air into every room in that building. As a result, they’re going to be stirring up all of that dust and dirt, allowing it to drift down and settle on the floors.

Commercial floor maintenance is not just about what’s beneath your feet, but it’s also about what is above you.

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