What Could Your Maintenance Crew Accomplish with an Extra 10 Hours Every Month?

replacing commercial floors during busy timeYou’re a busy professional. You have dozens or possibly even hundreds of employees to manage. You have numerous properties to oversee. In other words, you have so much going on every day, all week long, that at times you wonder how you’re going to get everything finished. Your maintenance crew may feel the same way.

Let’s say, for example, you have a maintenance department consisting of 10 people. Your maintenance supervisor is a highly experienced individual. He or she has been doing this job for more than 20 years; they know what they’re doing.

They hired some of the best workers, but as with any profession, there are those who excel, those who do as little as possible, and the rest fall somewhere in between.

You sent them to various seminars.

Through the years you’ve arranged seminars, conferences, and other meetings to try and boost productivity. You believe your maintenance department could be doing more every month, but no matter what you attempted, it seems that they still fall short of the overreaching goals of the department itself.

If you want to potentially free up a number of hours every month, think about the equipment you provide them.

For example, consider a more efficient, lighter weight, more powerful commercial floor cleaning machine.

One simple change could increase the speed at which all of the commercial floors among all of the properties you manage are cleaned. What could have taken five hours every night to accomplish might suddenly only take three. When you begin adding that up, you start to realize you could possibly free up 10 or more hours every month, almost per employee, as long as you gave them the right equipment.

The wrong equipment will run slow, won’t be doing the job perfectly, could be causing damage, and it could break down consistently. Every minute spent trying to get something to work, wrestle it into submission, is wasted time when you have better options. Centaur Floor Machines offers those better options.

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