maintenance crew making costly mistakes stripping polishing and or waxing commercial floors

Could Your Maintenance Crew Be Making COSTLY Mistakes When Stripping, Polishing and/or Waxing Those Commercial Floors?

3 Reasons to Keep Rubber Tires and Carts Off Commercial FloorsHow could you possibly make a mistake when stripping, polishing, and/or waxing commercial floors? It seems like a no-brainer, especially with powerful equipment. However, when it comes time to taking care of these commercial floor surfaces properly, there could be a number of mistakes being made.

Some of these mistakes could be in the process itself.

A maintenance department personnel who is not properly trained to use a particular piece of equipment might not be using it according to manufacturer specifications. That could cause some damage to the floor surface.

Imagine this: you have a powerful machine that is spinning at a high rate of speed. Its purpose is to strip the old wax surface from the floor, but not damage the linoleum tile underneath. Unfortunately, the maintenance personnel, who may be working alone in the evening or during those overnight hours, might not be paying close attention to the surface of the floor. They keep rolling over the same area, back and forth, a bit too long.

Before they realize it, the stripping machine has caused some scratches or other damage to the linoleum tile surface. They might not even think twice about it.

Simple mistakes can cost tens of thousands of dollars over time.

This is one of the main reasons why it’s important to not only provide the maintenance crew with the optimal equipment, the right floor cleaning machines to do the job most efficiently, safely, and effectively, but also the information they need to handle these situations properly.

Sometimes it may be best to have an experienced individual come in and go over the basic procedures every so often. Just because people have been doing this job for a long time or just a few months doesn’t mean they won’t potentially gain new insights or be reminded to stay focused at all times.

For those commercial facilities that want to have the most effective and efficient results when it comes to commercial floor maintenance, they should make sure their crew is properly equipped with the most powerful, durable, and efficient machines. Those are produced by Centaur Floor Machines.

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