Rabbit Pays For Itself

THREE Ways a Centaur Rabbit is “More” Than Just Another Floor Machine

And HOW It Pays for Itself Multiple Times Over — Every Year For 30+ Years…

1. Every Centaur Rabbit Has an Integrated SplashGuard. 

When cleaning, scrubbing, and stripping floors…

The SplashGuard prevents the wet, dirty mess from getting sprayed on nearby vertical surfaces like baseboards, planters, walls, and display cases.

So what happens when you don’t have a machine with a SplashGuard? Well without a SplashGuard you have two options:

You either have to spend lots of extra hours taping off all the vertical surfaces to protect them before a job…


You have to go back and clean all the baseboards and surfaces that got dirty after you’ve cleaned the floors.

Either way, jobs without a SplashGuard takes longer to complete.

At least an HOUR extra on each cleaning job.

Factoring in the time savings — it’s not unusual for a small independent cleaner to…

SAVE time (equivalent to about $3,500 per year); just by using a machine with a SplashGuard. 

(Ask us how we arrived at that figure – email hello@centaurmachines.com) 

2. The Centaur Rabbit is Really TWO Machines.  

Let’s say you’re cleaning an office building. You have hallways on each floor and then you also have washrooms.

To clean/scrub/strip hallways that are “open”…

A 17” to 20” machine would do just fine.

But what happens when you get into the washrooms and have to get in the washroom stalls and around the toilets?

You’ll need a smaller machine with a smaller cleaning path.

With a Centaur Floor Machine, you detach the SplashGuard and you now have a  “downsized” 13” floor machine to get to those tighter areas.

No need to buy, store and maintain a secondary floor smaller floor machine for these types of jobs.

With the costs of smaller floor machines running anywhere from $700 to $1500…

You get to SAVE having to spend another $700 to $1500 for an additional smaller machine. 

3. The Centaur Rabbit Also Cleans Baseboards 

If you’re a commercial cleaner looking to differentiate yourself commercially from the rest of the competition, then baseboard cleaning is a winner.

Most people neglect baseboard cleaning. Why?

Because it’s not easy, takes too much time, and isn’t profitable for the cleaner, nor cost justifiable for the paying facility.

But what if they have to be cleaned?

Well, typically, baseboards are scrubbed clean by getting on hands and knees  (which is back-breaking)


If you have layers of wax build-up on the baseboards (which you need to strip),  you have to do that with an army of people using a doodle-bug or some type of scraper.

So, if baseboard cleaning can be avoided, it is.

At least that is until the baseboards start looking grimy or when the facility realizes something has to be done because it’s now a health risk.

Well, guess what?

A single operator using a Centaur machine can…

Cut down a 5-hour baseboard cleaning or stripping job to less than just 30 minutes.

Meaning – if you do just 5 jobs a year where baseboard cleaning is required,  you’d save around $6,300.

And that $6,300 could be extra profit for your business.  (Ask us how we arrived at that figure – email hello@centaurmachines.com) 

Are There More Reasons a Centaur Machine Pays for Itself? 

Yes, the hand-built motor on the Centaur Rabbit will typically keep on working for up to  30 to 45 years.

Compare that to the 10 to 15-year “life span” of the motor on other commercial cleaning machines.

So a Centaur Rabbit will keep on working 3 TIMES LONGER than another manufacturers machine.

And then when you factor in that the Centaur Rabbit…

— Costs less per month / year to own and operate compared to other machines — Has the lowest downtime / repair time or loss of productivity on a job

— Has a higher residual / resale value — highest among the competition (Centaur  machines depreciate the least).

— Is more environmentally friendly than other manufacturer’s machines (you won’t be  chucking your Centaur machine into a landfill any time soon!)

Bottom line?

Because of the superior quality of the motor, the extra lifespan of the machine, the extra applications of the machine, and of course, the favorable financial economics of investing in a Centaur Rabbit…

Just about every prudent business-minded professional cleaner eventually gravitates to investing in a Centaur Rabbit.

And you know what?

When they do, they nearly always report back they wish they’d done so sooner.

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