How Much Value Do You Place on Clean Floors in Your Commercial Facility?

Home Cleaning Tips that Can Positively Impact Commercial SpacesThere are so many things that go into maintaining a commercial facility. You have limited budgets, personnel issues, and other constraints. When the budgets get even tighter during tough economic times or other issues arising, some aspects of the commercial facility can somehow seem less important. Far too often that becomes the floor surfaces themselves.

If you don’t place high value on commercial floor cleaning, it can affect every other aspect of the facility.

This isn’t a sales pitch. It’s basically talking about what people focus on most, especially when they are coming to a facility for the first time. In many cases people will be looking up at the signs, if there are signs, over the entryways. Once they step up to the door, open the door, and step through, they will have noticed the windows and whether they were clean or filthy, the sidewalks and their condition, and then once inside the building, they will notice the floor surfaces.

Their eyes may move up and around, especially for vaulted ceiling areas in the lobbies or other entryways, but they will then look down at the floor surface. After all, where a person is stepping is incredibly important to their safety.

If the floor surfaces are old, dingy, and don’t appear to have been cleaned, buffed, polished, or waxed in a long time, it’s going to look poor. If the floors look dingy than everything else will likely also have issues, including the walls, windows, stairwells, and more.

Everything starts with the floors and works its way out and around.

What do the floor surfaces look at your commercial facility? Have you visited a different facility recently and noticed either incredibly well-maintained floors or those that have seen better days decades ago? What was your impression of the overall facility? In most cases the overall impression will be directly correlated to the condition of those commercial floors. That’s why it’s so important to place high value on how clean the floors are and how they look for your commercial facility.

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