New Vacuum Cleaner Tips

VacuumIt’s important to keep your commercial or business space clean. Having the right equipment will help. Here are a few important tips that you should keep in mind when shopping for a commercial vacuum cleaner.


There are numerous vacuum cleaners that you’ll find for commercial purposes. Some are bulky and heavy duty while others are more streamlined.

Determine what you will need this vacuum cleaner for (as in heavy cleaning or light cleaning, such as warehouse cleaning verses office cleaning) and that will help you narrow your focus.

You don’t want to end up with a lightweight vacuum if you’re planning on cleaning up nails, bolts, broken glass, or even water. The cleaning machine should meet the general purposes, otherwise it can be damaged.


The heavier that a machine is, the less likely your employees will want to lug it around. For small cleaning jobs, it’s not always practical to bring out the heavy artillery.

Weight will also impact maneuverability. If you have tight spaces, the larger the vacuum, the harder it will be to move it through those hard to reach spaces.


While size might not matter much for cleaning large office or commercial spaces, it can make a difference when it comes to storage. When space is at a premium, then you will want to temper getting the most powerful machine with having one that will stow away neatly and easily.

Flooring Type.

Many offices have either low-pile carpeting or hardwood floors. Warehouses generally have concrete. Other open areas may have linoleum or even polished concrete. Choose the vacuum cleaner that will be ideal for the majority of the flooring that your business has.

Upright versus Canisters.

Upright vacuum cleaners offer convenience, especially for smaller spaces. Canisters pack more power, on average and also allow the user to have access to more tools stored on board, which can be convenient when working on large areas, around desks, and other obstacles.

Upright cleaners are stored more easily than canisters, so if space is an issue, look into upright. For larger applications, such as malls, hospitals, and schools, larger, heavier duty units will make cleaning floors easier than smaller machines.

Many businesses will have different floor surfaces, too, so it’s a good idea to have versatility and the right vacuum cleaner for each surface.

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