Night Is Often the Best Time to Scrub Commercial Floors, but What If the Facility Is Open 24 Hours?

replacing commercial floors during busy timeIn a perfect world, you’d be able to close down your facility at the end of the day and allow your maintenance department to take care of those commercial floor surfaces. But, many companies today don’t live in a perfect world. 24 hour a day operations are becoming far more commonplace, and it can create some challenges for those responsible for the commercial floor surfaces.

When those commercial floors need to be cleaned, but the facility is operational throughout the day and night, what can be done? How can those commercial floors be properly stripped, buffed, wax, scrubbed, and kept clean?

Do an analysis of the quietest time of the night.

In most cases, a commercial facility will be ‘quietest’ usually sometime after midnight and through 3 o’clock or 4 o’clock in the morning. This might be the optimal time for the commercial maintenance department to have a crew on hand to do some of these tasks.

This doesn’t have to be a regular thing, but when it comes to stripping, waxing, and buffing, this could be the ideal time to get those tasks done.

Always make sure to use proper signage.

Signs clearly telling employees, tenants, customers, or the general public that work is taking place, especially potentially causing slippery surfaces should be placed around the area in clear view. In a bilingual society, those signs should be written in both main languages. For example, in many regions across Canada, French and English are both considered official languages and signs often depict both to make sure everyone understands clearly what is expected.

It may be necessary to do one half of a hallway or corridor so that it can still be used, such as in a hospital environment. As long as careful planning and forethought is conducted, keeping commercial floors clean and safe, even in the busiest 24/7 facilities, is not just possible, but reasonable.

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