oooh yeah… BLUE BOY

Jennifer calls it her BLUE BOY.

And she loooves the Power.

She’s talking, of course, about the Centaur SL-3 Vacuum.

Jennifer’s company custom paints and custom finishes high-end residential homes.

Now, you can be sure that when you’re working in high-end residential homes…

Finer Details REALLY Do Matter.

That’s why Jennifer’s company (Jennifer Carr Painting) will only ever use the Centaur SL-3 Vacuum (what she calls her “BLUE BOY”)

Here’s what Jennifer posted on her Instagram page about her BLUE BOY

Instagram Testimonial Centaur

Another person who will not use any other vacuum except the Centaur SL-3 Vacuum…

Is Nick at NWR Painting in Canmore, Alberta.

Nick has been putting his Centaur SL-3 Vacuum “through the paces” for… 19-YEARS!

And he says the suction on it is just as strong today as the day he first bought it (19-years ago!)

Nick also says the SL-3 Vacuum is “bomb proof”.

(He means it will stand up to any knock or fall; he knows first hand, since he dropped his SL-3 Vacuum off a scaffold at one point and it still went on working as good as new — I don’t think he’s actually tried to blow it up yet! 😀 💪 )

And now, for even better news…

We can confirm…

The Centaur SL-3 has gotten even better…

Because it now comes with the (optional) HEPA FILTER.


With the HEPA FILTER, the Centaur SL-3 Vacuum will trap 99.97% of invisible particles from escaping back into the air.


  • Pollen particles…
  • Dust mites…
  • Mold particles…
  • Tobacco smoke…
  • Bacteria…

…and all airborne particles down to the size of 0.3 microns

Which in case you’re wondering, is smaller in size than a human red blood cell.

I know… amazing, right?

You can see Jennifer’s Instagram video about the SL-3 here:

You can see Nick’s “review video” of the Centaur SL-3 Vacuum here:

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