The Optimal Combination of Cleaning Solutions and Skill

Cords, Tripping Hazards, and Paying Attention at 24-Hour FacilitiesKeeping commercial floor surfaces clean doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. It requires a bit of know-how, experience, and the right equipment, and it also relies on the right cleaning solutions.

Some maintenance personnel rely on solutions as their primary focus.

In other words, they look to the strongest cleaning solutions they can find, or the most effective strippers, waxes, and so on, but if they don’t have proper skills, if they don’t have the right equipment, no amount of chemical is going to really make a difference in regards to keeping them clean.

Some commercial facilities want to stay environmentally safe.

They may have concerns about what types of cleaning solutions are used. They may have some employees, customers, or visitors who could be susceptible to certain chemicals. All-natural cleaning solutions can certainly be effective, especially with the right equipment, but they may not offer the same resilience, power, or effectiveness as other chemicals.

Still, when highly experienced and well-trained maintenance personnel take on the task of stripping down, cleaning, polishing, waxing, and otherwise basically keeping up with the general cleanliness of a commercial floor surface, they can use almost any type of basic cleaning solution and the job will look great.

What this means is training is essential.

If training is not provided, if the maintenance personnel are essentially ignored by the rest of the management staff, not provided adequate training, not given the right tools and machines, more environmentally sound cleaning solutions may not help protect the floor surfaces and keep them looking their best as the months turn into years.

The best combination is top level floor cleaning machines, extremely well trained and skilled personnel, and cleaning solutions that put the safety and health of anyone using the facility as its top priority. When this is done, it can have a dramatic impact on the overall look of the floors, how long they last, and how safe they are for everyone.

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