Pitfalls of Shortcutting the Floor Cleaning Process

Basement-2What does it mean to take a shortcut? It essentially means cutting corners and trying to get a job done as quickly as possible. When you’re talking about cleaning commercial floors, there’s no excuse for shortcutting the floor cleaning process.

It may seem practical and a great way to get more work done for the maintenance personnel, but it’s actually going to increase the cost of floor maintenance for the company over the long run. That’s because the floor will not look as great as it once did, may need to be replaced far sooner than it should have to have been, and it may place others at risk.

An example of shortcutting the floor cleaning process would be when a maintenance staff member is responsible for sweeping, mopping, washing, or buffing the floor and there are numerous tables and chairs, such as in an open seating area, and they don’t move those chairs or tables out of the way. Instead, they simply move the cleaning products and machines in and around those areas. They may move the chairs, but they don’t move the tables.

A quick look can easily highlight the problems with these shortcuts. Food particles, dirt, and other contaminants collect around these items that are not moved. Just because the rest of the floor may look decent enough, that doesn’t mean it is healthy, clean, and safe for everyone who uses it.

If the maintenance personnel are taking shortcuts to try and save time or energy, it’s time to sit down and explain why this is not acceptable. Maintaining commercial floor surfaces is a full-time job and requires dedicated personnel who understand the value of safety, quality work, and maintaining an immaculately clean commercial floor surface.

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