Polished Concrete Floors Are Great, So Care for Them Properly

concreteWhen you decided to invest in polished concrete floors for your commercial facilities, you were thrilled with the results. You had the floor service make them look like natural hardwood surfaces. It still looks amazing, and while they may have been installed a couple of months ago, you noticed something happening.

They don’t look as great as they did just a little while ago. There’s a lot of foot traffic, dollies, and other things getting tracked across the surface and your maintenance personnel are not very experienced with general maintenance of this type of commercial floor surface.

You need to care for these polished concrete floors like you would any linoleum floor surface. They need to be cleaned every day, washed daily, polished and buffed consistently, whether it’s once a week, once every couple of weeks, or once a month. The more often your maintenance department takes care of those polished concrete floor surfaces, the longer they will last, and they will look great for many, many years.

Consider what happens when any floor surface is neglected.

If you’ve been managing or in charge of commercial facilities for quite some time, then you probably have at least some experience with the end result of floors that weren’t cared for very much.

It could have been a warehouse where no one really swept or washed the floors very often. It became stained, cracks began to develop, and you invested a lot of money to repair the damage.

Now, consider what can happen with this polished concrete floor surface. You invested a lot of money in the floor itself, so don’t cut corners with general maintenance and upkeep. Make sure you have maintenance personnel who know how to properly care for this floor surface, provide them the right machines and cleaning solutions, and have them take classes or seminars on best practices to help ensure they look great for as long as possible.

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