Premium Stone Care with Sealer

Maintaining the natural beauty of premium stone not only makes it look great, but it can also extend the life of the stone. For high traffic or heavy use areas of stone such as flooring, counter tops, or backsplashes, using a premium stone sealer is necessary. Properly applying sealerwill provide maximum protection and keep these areas looking like new no matter how much abuse they endure.

Oils, food residue, dyes, and stains can ruin the look and feel of laid stone. A stone sealer blocks these and other damaging agents from seeping into the stone and causing wear, cracks, chips, and even fading. In addition, for high spill areas like counter tops, it makes for quicker clean up as the offending agents can be wiped away with an everyday paper towel without fear of damaging the stone.

Using a water-based premium stone sealer preserves the natural color and gloss of your stone. Our 511 Porous + Sealer is environmentally friendly and can be used for both interior and exterior stone care. It is most effective on:

– Bluestone
– Granite
– Marble
– Flagstone
– Sandstone
– Slate
– And more

While regular sealers are available and may be somewhat less expensive, a premium sealer can last up to twice as long. The greatest value of the premium stone sealer is that your stones will be protected from damaging agents for up to five years. This means fewer applications and years of enjoying the highest level of protection needed to keep your stone surfaces sparkling.

One quart will cover about 125 square feet. One gallon will seal and protect up to 500 square feet of stone. The application process is so simple anyone can do it:

1. Test an inconspicuous area and allow a 24-hour cure time.
2. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines for new grout cure time.
3. Ensure the surface is clean. Remove all wax, coatings, grease and dirt.
4. Ensure that the surface is completely dry.
5. Mask the area to protect areas not to be treated against splashes.
6. With a paintbrush, apply a generous coat of your premium stone sealer.
7. Allow soak and penetration time of 30 minutes.
8. Distribute sealer over the area during the soak time to prevent drying.
9. Apply a second coat, if needed, about 40 minutes after initial coat.
10. Remove excess sealer with a clean, soft paper towel.
11. Wait four hours before making any contact with sealed surface.
12. Allow full cure time of 24-72 hours.

Equipment can be easily cleaned using water. Using the proper sealer on your stone will not only keep it looking gorgeous, but it will eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and abrasives to restore your stone in the future.

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