Professional Cleaning Equipment

TTC-889-6One of Canada’s fastest growing entrepreneurial businesses is professional cleaning. Hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls, retail shops, movie theaters, factories, and other large business locations require daily, or at least regular, cleaning and most of them hire out to third party companies to keep their premises clean and well maintained.

Doing jobs like this requires the use of heavy duty cleaning equipment. The machines need to have higher specs than those used in regular residential cleaning. Many of the top cleaning companies in Canada rely on Centaur Machines for their professional cleaning machines.

You will need different machines for different jobs. For instance, the carpeting in a high level CEO’s office and that of the entry level office workers can be very different (they may even be different materials) but both need to be regularly cleaned. That is why we created our line of Rabbit floor cleaners. They clean just about any floor (carpet or hard surface) deeply and faster than any other model on the market. We know that time is money and the faster you can get the job done the more you make.

Our Rabbit-8 carpet cleaner is fast and efficient because of its spraying ability. Its articulated spray nozzle can be shifted 90 degrees left and right. Although it has been designed to spray ahead of the machine, it can also spray directly on top of the rotating brush or bonnet.

The cleaning method is simple. Drop the bonnet on the floor and put the Rabbit-8 on top of it. If you use a brush, then put it on the machine. Next, spray the carpet in front of the machine, start it up and then walk forward as you clean the carpet. Depending on the weather conditions, the carpet may dry in half an hour.

And it’s not only dirt that our machines remove; they get rid of odors and allergens, too. This is an important feature for shared workspaces as some people suffer from allergies while others don’t. The difference in employee comfort alone will please the company who hired you.

We also have specialty machines designed for specific surfaces and uses. We know the cleaning industry inside and out so if you have a job that requires a specialty machine, give us a call. We will help match you up with the perfect machine for your job.

Centaur guarantees all machines and equipment so you know you’re getting top quality that will last through even the most rigorous trials.

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