Professional Grade Vacuum Cleaners

Professional Vacuum CleanersApplication is key when choosing a top of the line vacuum cleaner. You need to consider the ways in which the vacuum will be used so you know what features you need and what in environment(s) the machine will be used. You may want a model that can work in both wet and dry environments, which can handle heavy-duty debris, that can be carried on your back, or that can penetrate tight spaces. Once you have decided which feature or features are most important, you can select the model that best fits your professional vacuuming needs.

If you work in a garage or restaurant the floor might be prone to wetness or spills. The best professional vacuum cleaner for this type of setting is one that can handle damp materials and even spilled liquids without sustaining damage to its electrical parts. These machines are generally known as wet/dry vacs. Commercial-grade wet/dry vacs are usually canister-style machines, and are available in a range of sizes and powers.

Floors at factories and construction sites tend to be littered with heavy debris like nails, scrap material, etc. Most ordinary vacuum cleaners are not equipped to intake this type of debris, which can break their belts, jam their hoses, or pierce their bags. To clean heavily littered flooring quickly and thoroughly, you need a heavy duty professional vacuum cleaner specifically designed to handle bulky intakes. Heavy duty machines are available in both canister and upright styles.

Maybe you are a professional cleaner who vacuums for long periods of time. A backpack style professional vacuum cleaner may be the best choice for you. The body of a backpack style machine is usually made primarily from plastic, fabric, or another lightweight material, with a hose extending from its base. It straps comfortably onto the back, allowing it to be easily transported from room to room.

If you regularly have to vacuum tight spaces like corners or under furniture you’ll want a machine with a variety of hose attachments. Typical attachments include a long, thin crevice tool, which is useful for cleaning the space where flooring meets wall, and brush-tipped heads, useful for removing cobwebs and dust from beneath furniture. Like heavy-duty vacuums, this type of machine is available in both canister and upright styles.

You can also find machines that incorporate several of the above features to address multiple cleaning needs. Certain wet/dry machines are capable of taking in heavy materials, for instance, while many backpack-style machines include a selection of hose attachments. Once you have identified your primary vacuuming needs you may wish to shop around at a commercial appliance store or online, checking each machine’s specifications to determine whether it will meet those needs.

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