Professional Vacuum Cleaner Safety

CleaningOverhead-4When you use a machine everyday, whether it’s a vacuum, polisher, drill, or forklift, you have a tendency to get comfortable and take the machine for granted. It is quite easy for a cleaning professional to forget that their industrial vacuum is a specialized and complicated piece of equipment that needs to be cared for properly or it cause serious injury.

Maintaining your vacuum will obviously make it last longer but so will taking the proper care when using it. It will also improve worker productivity and make vacuuming a lot safer. Centaur Machine put together the following tips on safe and proper handling of vacuum cleaners:

– If you’re not using the vacuum, unplug it from the outlet. Cords are too easy to trip over to have lying around if they aren’t needed. Unplugging can prevent accidents and also damage to the cord, plug, and outlet.

– If you are using an indoor vacuum, never take it outside unless you’re transporting it. Don’t us it on outdoor surfaces or store it outdoors. This will extend the life of the machine and its components.

– Unless you’re using a wet or wet/dry vac do not use it on a wet surface. Water will damage the motor and could give you an electric shock. If it is somehow exposed to water it’s best to have a technician check it out before attempting to use it.

– They can be heavy but you must do your best never to drop your vacuum. If you need to move it up or down stairs have someone help you rather than try to lift or drag it yourself. Dropping the machine can cause severe damage that can be expensive to fix.

– Always use the handle to move the machine, never pull it by its cord. Keep the cord away for sharp objects and corners. Keep your fingers away from all moving parts unless the machine it off and unplugged.

– Never vacuum anything that you know to be toxic or flammable. This can not only damage the machine it could also spread fumes or contaminants throughout the area. Never vacuum over any sharp or hard objects. Glass, nails, change, paperclips, etc can all damage the machine.

It’s best to take a few minutes to check your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. If there are any issues you’ll be able to spot them and prevent them from becoming worse or causing harm.

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