Proper Lighting Makes a Difference for Commercial Floor Cleaning

Rabbit-3-SJ-kThe sun is setting earlier and earlier right now. As we head toward December 21st, the shortest day of the year, as far as daylight hours is concerned, the darker it’s going to get earlier in the evening and the sun is going to rise up later in the morning. For those responsible for commercial floor cleaning, this change in lighting might not make a difference, but it could.

Many commercial facilities are cleaned after normal business hours.

The maintenance department may have one or two individuals working in the evening or during the overnight hours. If that’s the case, they are already aware of how important proper lighting is when the sun isn’t pouring through the windows.

For those cleaning during the day or evening, this could be an important topic.

In other words, if the commercial floor cleaning is taking place during the later afternoon or early evening hours, whether the personnel are vacuuming, waxing, cleaning, polishing, buffing, or doing other tasks, effective and proper lighting can make a difference.

Lighting can help highlight problem areas.

With poor lighting, especially if there aren’t enough lights on or some of the bulbs have blown out, it might make it difficult for the maintenance personnel to see dirty spots, stains, or other potential problem areas.

If proper lighting in the facility does not exist as a standard, then bringing in floor mounted halogen lamps could be the right answer. Powerful halogen lamps can brighten up any room and though they generate heat, that won’t be a major concern, especially as we move closer and closer to the cold winter months ahead.

The maintenance department may be able to see ‘good enough’ as the sun begins to set, but if the results aren’t up to par, it’s a good idea to consider lighting as an issue.

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