Reduce Liability from Slips and Falls when Cleaning Your Commercial Floors

another winter for commercial floorsIn modern business culture, liability is a daily consideration. Every commercial business or organization that welcomes employees, clients, customers, the general public, partners, or anyone else onto their property has to deal with liability risks.

During the winter, rainy storms, and other common climate conditions, the risk of slips and falls actually increases. Now that we are in the heart of winter in Toronto, snow, ice, freezing rain, sleet, and a host of other risk factors are inherent. Every single time a person steps through the doors of your commercial property, there is going to be a risk of a slip and fall injury.

The same holds true whenever your maintenance department is cleaning the floors. In the ideal circumstance, you are able to close down operations and only have the maintenance crew on staff to minimize the risk of injuries related to slips and falls. However, there are many different types of businesses that simply don’t close their doors. Ever. One of those is a hospital.

Still, even a hospital or other 24 hour facility can take certain steps to reduce liability and the risk of slips and falls when cleaning those commercial floors or dealing with the constant flow of traffic from outside.

Rely on signage.

Using signs that will indicate the risk of wet and slick floors is one way to reduce liability. These signs should be clearly visible and easy to understand, regardless of the language a person speaks. In other words, they should use visual aids and graphics to get the point across.

Have the maintenance crew be aware of his or her surroundings.

When somebody is washing or waxing commercial floors they should be aware of anybody who is entering the room or area. When they see somebody coming in, they should indicate to that person in a polite and respectful manner that the floors may be slippery and to use caution.

Carry optimal insurance.

The insurance that a company has for liability should be more than enough to cover potential slips and falls. Also, relying on security cameras can also help to prevent liability from those few individuals who try to take advantage of large companies and organizations.

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