Save Money and Time with an Automated Platform-based Floor Scrubber

Bakery-10Using an automated platform-based floor scrubber, cleaning of large areas such as school cafeterias, meeting halls, government buildings, and so, becomes much easier. In fact, studies show that the average user can scrub approximately 21, 000 square feet per hour with little or no down time. Of course, these kinds of numbers depend on the individual, the model, and the conditions of the floor. The platform floor scrubber housing features corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant polyethylene and this makes for a longer life cycle and improves cost-efficiencies.

Onboard batteries power many of the newer platform-based floor scrubbers. This eliminates time wasted dealing with power cords and searching for wall outlets. Units feature varying run times per battery charge, with better units giving a full 5 hours or more of service with one charge.

With onboard solution tanks, a large platform scrubber can go through almost 16 gallons of cleaning solution per run. This also reduces time the user will have to spend filling the tank or applying the solution. The automated system automatically dispenses the solution while it is cleaning. A clear plastic lid on the recovery tank makes it easy for the user to know when the tank is almost full.

Onboard recovery tanks are typically the same size as the solution tank. This feature reduces the maintenance and downtime the user experiences, dramatically improving work efficiency.

New scrubber brush motors are powerful and advanced technologies that help minimize motor noise and allow the unit to operate when others are present with minimal disruption. Scrubbers often include squeegee assemblies that help clear excess water from the floor during operation. Control handles are fully adjustable so that the unit is always ergonomic no matter who is using it.

Platform-based floor scrubbers offer the user a variety of controls, including switches to engage and disengage the vacuum, the dry brush, solution dispersal, and power.

Hand-held scrubbers are also available. These are smaller than the platform models. They take more effort and are not as time efficient, but for narrow areas and special cleaning jobs, they are superior. They are more cost-efficient for smaller venues that do not require the larger platform scrubbers.

Solid floors require periodic scrubbing to prevent the buildup of oils and grease, foodstuffs, and general dirt and grime. Health issues related to dirty floors include bacterial infection, slips and falls, limb breakage, concussions, and possibly even more serious injuries. Keeping floors scrubbed prevents these issues and saves needless suffering and lawsuit claims.

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