Spend Time Cleaning Overhead Spaces to Help Maintain Commercial Floor Surfaces

225-Commissioner-681How often does your maintenance personnel spend worrying about overhead spaces in your commercial facility? For example, we might be talking about a drop ceiling, ceiling fans, ductwork, especially the kind that can accumulate a considerable amount of dust on top, and more surfaces.

Clean the surfaces at least once a month.

Depending on the size of the commercial facility, you may need to rely on lifts, tall ladders, or other materials to help your personnel reach these hard to reach areas.

Dusting machines, long poles, and other items can certainly be beneficial to some degree, but you want your personnel to be able to actually see the surface to make sure you’re getting everything off of these places.

What happens if you don’t pay attention to this?

The most important thing to realize is dust and dirt will flow and blow throughout any facility. Every time a door opens, a window is left open and a breeze blows through, or the heating or air conditioning units kick on, that dust begins circulating through the air.

This reduces indoor air quality and it can also reduce the integrity and cleanliness of many other surfaces throughout the building, including the floors.

By keeping up with the cleaning of these extra areas, it will reduce the workload and help your floors and other surfaces last for as long as possible.

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