The Stonechat for Polishing Commercial Floors

Stonechat+Tank-b_00031The Stonechat floor polishing machine is a great asset for almost any commercial facility that has ceramic or stone surfaces. Not many commercial facilities actually have these for main floor areas, but whether they are for decorative purposes or are functional, keeping them clean can be a challenge.

That’s where the Stonechat can be beneficial.

It has its own weight, which means operators will not need to lean down on the machine to get the job done. That can reduce a lot of physical stress each employee.

That also means its going to provide a more even finish.

When a person has to press down on a floor polishing machine, they might not do so evenly, especially over a longer period of time. For example, as somebody may get tired of leaning on the machine to get the job done properly, they might tip a little bit to the right or left. That can create an uneven floor surface.

The Stonechat can also handle a high number of diamond discs. This means more efficient and smoother surface conditions after polishing. A simple valve helps operators manage water usage during the process.

Centaur Floor Machines, which manufactures the Stonechat, has been producing some of the best commercial floor cleaning machines for decades. There’s a reason why so many of their customers are still using the machines they purchased in the 1960s and 1970s; they are durable, they last, and they can withstand a lot of use and even abuse.

Another benefit to the Stonechat is flexibility with regard to how much weight is applied to it. It comes with a number of weights for different surfaces. For more porous surfaces, a lighter weight might be necessary, but for harder, denser surfaces, the heavier weights would be optimal.

When a commercial facility has stone or ceramic surfaces that need grinding or polishing, the Stonechat is a great asset.

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