Summer Commercial Floor Repairs: Why Now is the Right Time to Take Care of Them

repairing broken tileDuring the summer months is when many businesses have a tendency to slow things down. This is in true of every business, or organization, but if it happens to be for the company you work for, now would be an ideal time to focus on repairing any of the commercial floor tiles that became damaged throughout the year.

Hospitals, government offices, and other businesses will certainly be busy during normal business hours and some of them may be available or open 24 hours a day. Schools and other facilities have a tendency to be closed during the summer or shut down one extra day during the week.

If the business isn’t closed for the summer or doesn’t close down for extra time during the summer months, you should be able to reroute foot traffic around certain areas in the building so you can focus on doing those necessary repairs.

One of the best reasons why now is the time to do these repairs is because it’s easier to keep doors and windows open and allow fresh air in. If the facility has central air conditioning, which it should, you can also rely on that to help keep dust and other debris from floor flying around when you have to cut out old, broken ceramic tiles from the floor surface.

Take stock of the busiest times of the day for various parts of the facility. This will usually be quite consistent with regard to morning, early afternoon, later afternoon, and evening hours. Plan the work that needs to be done during those slower times of the day. Make sure you cordon off any area at which you’re working to ensure nobody gets injured trying to walk through the building.

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