Summer Is Often a Great Time for Thorough Cleaning Projects at a Commercial Facility

Home Cleaning Tips that Can Positively Impact Commercial SpacesSummer is just around the corner and if you’re responsible for a commercial facility, you may be looking ahead to do certain projects. One project that is great to do during the summer, especially if more office employees, tenants, or other clients are focused on vacation time, is to take on serious cleaning projects.

One of those cleaning projects is to go over the commercial floor surfaces closely and carefully.

Your maintenance department might do a great job throughout the year keeping the commercial floors looking their best, but if they’re limited on the time they can actually devote to every small detail of these services, there may be things they’ve missed. During the summer, if there is going to be a period of time in which fewer individuals will be walking on the property, whether it’s clients, tenants, customers, or anyone else, that could be a wonderful opportunity to begin closing down certain sections or roping off areas where your maintenance department could then spend more quality time on those surfaces.

For example, what if you have a relatively large lobby?

This lobby could be part of a hospital complex, retail outlet, or some other similar facility. You see a tremendous amount of foot traffic every single day. However, if summer is a slow time of the year, relatively speaking, this could be the perfect opportunity to rope off a section and allow your maintenance personnel to remove broken tiles, repair sections, or get deep down into the cleaning process.

When they are completed with a section, you can rope off another section, even if it’s by the main doors. For a day or two or even a week, your clients, customers, or tenants can use alternate entrances to make sure you allow your maintenance department the time they need to get everything done.

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