The Hard Floor Surface Machines You Should Know About

dustless_floor_sandingNot every facility is going to require every single type of commercial floor cleaning machine, but here are some of the most common you may come across.

Floor buffers.

A buffer is also sometimes referred to as a rotary. It basically operates at low speed with the rotating head to which a scrubbing pad or brush is attached. These buffers are basically built to operate at different speeds and the type of commercial floor surface will determine what speed the pad should rotate at.

Floor sweepers.

These are basically designed to clean up large areas of debris. They are common in warehouses and other large facilities that have a significant amount of space. A quality sweeper should be able to pick up scraps of metal, nails, woodchips, and much more.

A floor sweeper is often used together, in conjunction, with a scrubber. You can also find industrial floor sweeper-scrubbers.

Floor scrubbers.

This is a type of machine that uses a scrubbing head and an automatic system for dispensing cleaning solution. It applies the cleaning solution while scrubbing and then also sucks up the dirty mixture once it has done its job.

Floor burnishers.

These are essentially high-speed floor buffers. They will rotate at up to 10 times the speed of your average, normal floor buffer. They also have a lot more weight to them.

These burnishers can create a wet look shine to most floor surfaces.

Floor Sanders.

Used essentially to create a more level surface, they can come in a variety of sizes and power levels. There are usually used strictly for wood surfaces.

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