The Rabbit-3 Floor Polisher Machine

Robbit 3A floor polisher is an electric appliance that spins a flat, round, removable pad, typically made of nylon fiber, across the surface of a floor. Depending on the type of pad being used, floor polishers can strip wax or finish from a floor, apply a new finish and polish the surface of the floor to a pleasing shine. While a floor polisher is not a difficult tool to use, it is a heavy piece of equipment and understanding how to prepare and operate it will guarantee the best results.

The two-speed Centaur Rabbit-3 floor machine is the best multi-tasking machine on the market. It is manufactured in Canada. At high speed, it allows polishing of floors through a spaybuff. At low speed, one uses it to strip, scrub, clean carpets, clean ceramic with a brush, and clean baseboards with the Scrub Jay tool.

It has a splashguard that can be lowered during stripping or that can be completely removed in order to use the Scrub Jay or a 13” brush or drive block to clean in narrow areas. You can add up to two 40 lb. weights on the machine while stripping: with one weight, it reduces stripping time by 30% and with two weights, it’s possible to save up to 50% of your time.

Here are some of the many things you can do with the Rabbit-3:

– Spray buff vinyl floors
– Cleans Carpet
– Strip floor FAST
– Clean BASEBOARDS up to 8-inches high
– Clean Grout
– Transport it easily
– Eliminate Splashing during stripping

And here are the specifications:

– All moving parts are reinforced with bushings
– Rectified DC soft start 1.5hp motor
– Dual speed floor polisher – 200 or 300 rpm
– Motor brush-wear indicator light, to change carbon brushes
– Planetary gearbox with 3 steel idler gears
– RED light
– Safety switch prevents accidental start-up
– Removable handle for easy transportation
– Removable splash guard to create a small 13″ machine on the job
– Removable 50 foot cable, easy water tank refill
– Machine weight 90 lb

Our customers absolutely love the Rabbit-3. Many of them have had theirs for over 20 years – the longest one for 36 years. Now that is a long time. Call Centaur today and ask about the amazing Rabbit-3.

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