The Value of Walk Off Mats for Your Commercial Facility

Mat Services: Worth the Investment or Overkill?You might not think much about walk off mats for your commercial facility, but as we head into fall with winter close on its heels, it’s an important thing to consider.

What are walk off mats?

These are mats that you might commonly see within many commercial facilities, especially during the winter months or when it is raining excessively outside. These walk off mats provide people, as they enter your facility, to step onto those mats before they walk onto the main surface of the commercial floor.

The walk off mats can trap a lot of dirt, mud, road salts, and other debris that would normally get compacted on to the surface of commercial floor.

What happens if you don’t use walk off mats?

All of those particulates get trapped in people’s shoes will get transferred to the floor surface. That can cause scratching and gouging of linoleum tile, polished concrete, and other commercial floor surfaces. It also will wear down the floor surface much more quickly right near the doorways.

By relying on walk off mats, it helps to protect the surface of the floor and minimize the amount of damage from scratching and gouging that can occur. It also allows people to begin dispersing better, avoiding excessive wear and tear in one concentrated area.

No matter what type of commercial facility you have, consider investing in a few walk off mats. There are numerous companies and services throughout the Greater Toronto Area that will bring freshly cleaned walk off mats to your facility, remove the old, dirty ones, and do that on a weekly basis. That will help protect the commercial floors you’ve made a significant investment in recently.

If you don’t find value in walk off mats during the summer, you should certainly find value in them for the winter months ahead.

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