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Three Tips That Will Help Commercial Floor Scrubbing Machines Last Longer (and How Management Can Help Make This Happen)

rabbit-3_00038You’ve just invested in the Rabbit-3 floor cleaning machine by Centaur Floor Machines. It’s a great investment. Not only is it lightweight and portable, it’s versatile and compact enough to get into tight spaces.

Whatever piece of equipment you have invested in, you want to make sure it lasts for as long as possible. There could be a number of reasons why a commercial floor cleaning machine doesn’t last more than a few years. It might be due to neglect, poor quality, or other problems.

Here are three simple tips that could help increase longevity of this new commercial floor scrubbing machine.

Tip #1: Properly train employees who will use it.

It’s not difficult to operate the Rabbit-3. Just about anyone can do it. However, taking care of it is something different than actually using it. A person can know how to use it, but if they haven’t been advised about proper care and how to transport it safely without damage, if they don’t have any type of financial or emotional investment in it, it could be dropped, banged down the stairs, and treated poorly. That will dramatically reduce longevity of almost any piece of equipment.

Tip #2: Make employees more responsible to the machines they use.

You do this by putting one person in charge of this new piece of equipment. He or she will be responsible for checking it, making sure if somebody else is using it they do so properly, and check it regularly for damage or the need for regular service or maintenance.

Tip #3: Clean/service it regularly.

By keeping it clean and having it properly serviced on a regular basis, this will help whatever piece of equipment you have maximize its longevity. An experienced technician will most likely be able to easily identify potential problems caused by misuse, neglect, or abuse.

With these tips, that commercial floor cleaning machine you just purchased should last for a reasonable amount of time.

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