Uneven Floor Finishes Could Be a Sign of Old Equipment

Bakery-12Working hard to maintain commercial floor surfaces is a great investment. Not only does this help to keep everyone who uses the facility safer, it also makes the entire facility look better and more appealing. As commercial floor cleaning equipment gets older, though, certain problems can develop.

The most significant issue that’s commonly associated with older commercial floor cleaning equipment is an uneven finish.

When the buffing, stripping, waxing, and polishing work is all completed, the floor can look as though it’s brand new, but if there are problems with the equipment, it can cause what appears to be lines all along the surface.

Yes, the wax finish will certainly make the floor shine, but those lines can be detracting to the appearance. It’s indicating an uneven finish and the aesthetic quality of the floor is not the major concern.

Sure, an uneven floor finish is not going to look great, but more importantly than anything else, it could potentially lead to safety risks. The most significant would be for those individuals who may have a difficult time, such as seniors, maintaining their balance even under the best of circumstances.

Somebody who relies on a cane or walker to get around, for example, may have difficulty maintaining their balance, especially if something throws them slightly off-balance. An uneven floor surface could certainly do that.

What’s the solution?

The best thing any commercial business owner or manager can do when they notice problems developing with the commercial floor cleaning equipment is to have it replaced or, if possible, repaired as soon as possible.

Far too many businesses balk at the possibility of having to replace commercial floor cleaning equipment that seems to be doing a decent enough job. The main question should be is everyone safe? Is the floor being care for as well as it could be? If not, then it’s time to look at investing in new commercial floor cleaning equipment.

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