Vacation Time, Maintenance, and Keeping Up with Everything in Your Business

Vacation Time, Maintenance, and Keeping Up with Everything in Your BusinessDuring the winter, more people have a tendency to work rather than take vacations and it’s easier to perform general maintenance and upkeep. It can also be that much more important to do so. After all, with more people tracking in dirt, slush, salt, and more, maintaining commercial floors can be extremely challenging.

During the summer, though, more employees, including maintenance personnel, prefer to take their vacations during this season and that reduces man-hours you may have accessible for general maintenance and other work.

How to keep up with general maintenance.

While you may have a maintenance personnel or an entire department, depending on the size of the business you may rely on yourself and other employees to keep the floors clean, clean up the bathrooms, and more. When you have people taking vacations, other employees are picking up the slack, thus providing them less time to devote to those other general maintenance responsibilities.

Either set aside an hour a day for each person on your staff to perform certain tasks, shift somebody’s hours so they can clean the commercial floors after everyone else has left, or rely on an independent cleaning service for the period of time when your maintenance personnel will be away. This could be one week, two, or even more.

Whatever you do, don’t neglect general upkeep and maintenance for your commercial floors, even for a week. The more people you have coming and going throughout your office or retail store or other facility, the more important it becomes to make sure those floors are in the best shape possible.

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