The Value of Natural Cleaning Products for Your Commercial Facility

caring about the enviromentBeing responsible for a commercial facility can be challenging. You have so many different things going on every day that you probably barely have time to think about the smaller details, especially when they seem out of your control. One of those details could be the cleaning products used for those commercial floor surfaces and other areas.

You may leave those decisions up to your maintenance department personnel and/or supervisor. That’s okay, but in today’s environment and economy, it’s important to pay attention to those details because harsh, harmful chemicals could become a liability, not just to the commercial floor surfaces, but anyone using your facility in the first place.

What you should know.

There are probably dozens of cleaning solutions your maintenance personnel are using in a variety of applications. They might have three or four chemicals for cleaning bathrooms, different chemicals for cleaning the floors, and even different solutions for window treatments and other cleaning projects throughout the facility.

Each of them may pose certain risks to clients, employees, tenants, and others who use the facility. Take some time to go over the various cleaning solutions that are being used throughout the facility. Ask the maintenance supervisors how harmful some of the chemicals could potentially be to adults, children, and those with respiratory illnesses or infections.

Do your own research. Write down some of the ingredients in those harsher chemicals and find out what potential long-term consequences could be associated with them.

There are increasing numbers of natural cleaning products used for residential homes and commercial facilities all across the country. By relying on more natural cleaning products, you help to keep your maintenance personnel and everyone who enters the facility, for whatever reason, a bit safer. Are they as effective as some of the harsher chemicals? They may not be in certain applications, but if you begin using more natural cleaning solutions for regular floor maintenance, for example, every once in a while it might be necessary for those harsher chemicals, but in the long-term aspect of general maintenance, it will be a better option when you can find high quality natural cleaning solutions.

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