The Various Commercial Floor Types

floor samplesThere are a variety of commercial floor types and depending on the business you operate, each one will require a different approach to maintenance. Using the right approach requires not only having the proper personnel, but also the right equipment.

Below is a list of the most common types of commercial floor surfaces found in most Toronto and Ontario-based businesses.


Hardwood flooring provides a more classic and elegant look and is generally reserved for office type situations. With a hardwood floor, maintenance becomes essential. Even though many of today’s hardwood floors have a laminate coating on top of them, it can still become damaged by furniture being moved as well as employees and clients walking on the surface.

Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of finishes, textures, and colors to suit any interior design.


Carpeting is one of the easiest commercial floor types to maintain. It requires consistent and regular vacuuming, but that requires a commercial vacuum cleaner, not a residential one. It also requires regular washing in order to ensure the longevity of the carpeting.

Most commercial carpeting has a low profile, or low pile. It is generally more comfortable underfoot than hard surfaces and is reserved mostly for commercial office settings.


A third option for commercial floor is concrete. Today, concrete can be polished to make it look like a finished, waxed surface. Many industrial style businesses rely on concrete for its durability and cost savings over time.


One of the most common types of commercial floor surfaces is vinyl. You could choose from vinyl planks that are designed to appear like hardwood surfaces, but they would be slightly easier to maintain. It is a cheaper alternative, but it will not last as long as hardwood or other types of commercial floor surfaces.


This is arguably one of the more elegant and durable types of commercial floor surfaces. Installation generally takes longer and the mortar will take longer to dry. Once installed, it provides a refined and polished appearance.

Maintaining each of these floor surfaces requires different levels of effort. Hardwood and tile flooring require regular washing and buffing. Vinyl and tile may require some wax on a regular basis. Concrete requires the least overall general care, but would still need cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis.

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