Why Versatile Floor Cleaning Machines Will Save Time

replacing commercial floors during busy timeFloor cleaning machines are an invaluable asset to any commercial facility. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small office building, a warehouse, a hospital, school, or anything else; with the right floor cleaning machines, they cannot only save time, they can also help protect the floor surfaces, ultimately saving money over time.

Versatile machines are even better.

For example, a floor cleaning machine that is specifically designed to strip wax from the floors can be a great asset, but that means the maintenance personnel are going to have to grab another machine to continue with the cleaning and then waxing of the floor surfaces.

They may also need a different machine for buffing the wax.

Over time, this will erode available work hours, man hours, from the maintenance department, meaning they either won’t be able to take on other projects, may have to let maintenance issues go for a while, or might have to begin trimming back on just how many times they clean the floors, strip, buff, polish, wax, and so on for those surfaces.

A versatile floor cleaning machine, like the Rabbit-3 or other series of Rabbit machines offers some great versatility. With some of these models, the maintenance personnel cannot just strip, buff, wax, polish, and clean the floor surfaces with one machine, depending on the model, they may also be able to clean the baseboards as they are cleaning the floor surfaces.

Versatility may easily be overlooked at first.

When some maintenance personnel or departments are looking for new machines to help keep the floor surfaces clean, they may be on a limited budget. If the accounting department is looking to save as much money as possible, they may be overlooking a valuable asset with higher quality, versatile machines that can save personnel many hours every month. Those hours could be better spent working on other issues throughout the facility.

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