Versatility of Floor Cleaning Machines Is Important

rabbit-3Being responsible for a commercial facility can be challenging, at the very least. One of the greatest responsibilities is determining what type of equipment your personnel will have to properly care for those commercial floor surfaces.

Versatility is essential.

When you’re looking for commercial floor cleaning machines, you want to focus on those that have great versatility. For example, the Rabbit-3 model from Centaur Floor Machines is incredibly versatile. It’s one of the more powerful floor cleaning machines you’ll find in its own class.

It’s considered a swing machine and offers a tremendous energy savings.

What makes the Rabbit-3 so versatile?

Well, it can spray buff vinyl floors, clean carpeting, clean baseboards, including up to 8 inches high, clean grout, strip floors, and it is lightweight and easy to transport.

You also get the option of adding weight, which are considered horseshoe weights, which can allow it to strip floors even more effectively. It can save you time, valuable human resources, and energy.

When shopping for new floor cleaning machines.

The moment you realize your maintenance department needs a new floor cleaning machine of any kind, it’s important to think about versatility as well as durability. Centaur Floor Machines have been in use for many decades. In fact, there are still Centaur Floor Machines that were purchased in the 1960s being used today.

While this certainly seems like a sales pitch, even if you choose a different manufacturer, it’s important to understand the value of versatility and durability. If you need a different floor machine for every single purpose, the cost of keeping all those, not just purchasing them but storage, is going to increase dramatically.

On top of that, if you don’t consider durability to be a vital factor because you’re looking to save money in the short term, over the long-term you will either have to constantly repair it, be extremely gentle with it, or replace it far more frequently than you would with a more durable machine.

Both of these factors are incredibly important when looking into any type of commercial floor cleaning machine.


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