Want to Boost Your Long-Term Bottom Line Numbers? Then Stop Cutting Corners on Short-Term Floor Cleaning Solutions

rabbit-3_00038Every commercial property often runs up against a tight budget. If you’re looking to boost your bottom line numbers, you might be tempted to cut the budget for your maintenance department. This could have a direct impact on not just how well things operate in the facilities, but how clean they look and how impressive they are to tenants, partners, and even potential clients.

It’s easy to try and cut corners and offer short term floor cleaning solutions.

Some of these short-term floor cleaning solutions are to tell your maintenance personnel to strip, buff, wax, or even clean the commercial floors less frequently. Maybe they only need to use a buffer to go over the main walking area every night to get up the footprints, but perhaps not worry so much about the less frequently covered areas.

That is only going to cause more problems in the long run.

It’s not only going to directly impact the quality of the floor finish, it can also impact safety, especially when you’re talking about difficult winter like conditions where people are tracking in snow, ice, road salt, sand, and other materials every day.

Not taking care of the floors properly every night, every other night, or at least once a week is cutting corners and offering a short-term solution that will cost more in the long run.

If you truly want to boost those long-term bottom line numbers, invest in the right equipment.

The right equipment not only makes it easier for maintenance personnel to get the equipment from one place to the next, they should also be more efficient, meaning it will take less time for each personnel to complete the task at hand.

It’s easy to look for short-term solutions, like cutting a budget, but investing in quality machines like Centaur Floor Machines will pay dividends year after year, long into the future.

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