Warning! That Old, Beat-Up, Broken Down Commercial Vacuum May Actually Be Making Things Worse in Your Facility

Still Relying on a Residential Vacuum for Commercial Carpeted Office Space? How this Could be Harming EmployeesAs a commercial facility manager, owner, or supervisor, you may be dealing with a situation that will only grow worse. You might have a powerful but old commercial vacuum for those office spaces. The carpeting in those offices is considered short pile, so there’s really not much to worry about, right?

Actually, that’s not the case.

Whether it’s deep pile carpeting or an area rug or something incredibly low, even the most powerful vacuum in the world is just not strong enough to get everything out. Given enough time, dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria and germs, and other debris will get caught in the carpet fibers.

Now, if you have an old machine, things are getting worse, quickly.

The older a machine is, the less powerful it will likely be. That’s not the case with every machine, but for the most part time and usage are going to wear them down. A well-maintained machine, like a well-maintained vehicle, can run for a long, long time at high performance levels.

However, most commercial vacuums are not treated all that well. They are neglected, continue to be used even as the belts wear out (until they break) and probably won’t be cleaned all that often.

These older vacuums could be making things worse.

That’s why it may be beneficial to make a quality investment in a new commercial vacuum cleaner. Some people -maintenance personnel and commercial facility managers- may be tempted to continue using these old, worn-out vacuums or even supplementing them with a residential cleaner, but with a wide range of items that can get spilled onto the carpet, including staples, paper clips, pins, coins, and so much more, that can cause a tremendous amount of damage in a short amount of time.

Without a quality machine, dirt, allergens like pollen and other dander, germs, bacteria, and much more can all be trapped, building up in those carpets, leading to potential health issues for anyone using the facility. It’s simply not worth the risk, especially when a newer, more powerful, incredibly built machine is affordable.

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