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Wet and Dry Vacuum Becomes an Indispensable Part of Your Workforce

Wet and dry vacuums are a must-have for cleaning up messes in any kind of commercial space. This industrial-grade vacuum is commonly used by commercial facility managers, maintenance staff, and homeowners alike to clean up even the toughest messes.

Sometimes referred to as a dry-wet or shop vac vacuum, they are versatile and powerful, and when you have the right shop vac in your arsenal, cleaning up any mess becomes an effortless task.

Simply put, a wet and dry vac can be used to clean up dry messes, like dirt and other debris, as well as wet messes, such as clearing up water or other liquid spills in your commercial facility. (It’s also worth noting that wet and dry vacs can be great assets for both commercial and residential spaces)

First and foremost, as with any piece of machinery, you truly get what you pay for. If you want the best vacuum, size doesn’t necessarily mean everything. There are multiple, important specs to look at when choosing the best dry wet vacuums for you.

Some of the specs to consider include:

  • The size of the recovery capacity (the tank)
  • The type and power of motor
  • The noise level
  • The airflow
  • Water lift rating
  • The weight of the vacuum
  • The cable length
  • The hose diameter
  • The types of filters you can use on the vacuum
  • The types of vacuum tools you can use with the vacuum

In addition, you’ll want to factor in the following when making a decision about the best shop vac for your use:

  • The manufacturer’s warranty
  • Availability of parts and service, should you need repairs
  • And value for money

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What Can You Do with a Wet and Dry Vacuum?

Here is a brief rundown of just a few ideas t0 help you get the most out of your wet/dry vac.

Vacuuming Up Spills

Spills are a common occurrence in any space. For example, someone drops a planter by accident, and some dirt spills out… In this case, using just any old vacuum might not get the job done well since dirt can easily get stuck in the brushes and be transmitted over to carpeting or other surfaces.

That is when using a tough wet and dry vacuum cleaner is your best option. With its robust exterior and abilities, you can easily suck up dirt and other spills that might occur in your space with ease. The same goes for any liquid spills! Simply add the proper attachment and clean up even the biggest spills with a lot less effort.

A wet and dry vac can help clean up after a flood

Let’s say there was a broken pipe, or a lot of rain fell, and your basement or even the main floor of your facility is flooded with water. You can easily use a wet and dry vac to suck up some of the water and keep your space dry while minimizing flood damage.

In another case, you might have also found one of the toilets backed up, and the water overflowed the bowl (yuk!). In this situation – you guessed it – simply take out your commercial wet/dry vacuum to thoroughly clean up the mess. (Make sure to clean the hose and the container of that shop vac properly with disinfectants and other cleaning agents to comply with local or federal laws for health and safety.)

You can keep stairwells and steps free of snowy messes during the winter

During the winter months, a major headache can be to constantly mop up the mess left behind by snow residue in indoor spaces. You have people tracking in all kinds of snow, slush, and salt messes onto your stairs and floor surfaces. If that’s the case, using a wet/dry vac is a perfect solution to keeping your space clean, especially in the winter.

In Summary:

Using a wet and dry cleaning machine is an efficient and effective way to help you keep your facility clean when spills happen when storms hit, and when winter continues to unleash its fury.

When you have the right shop vac for your needs, maintaining cleanliness in your space becomes effortless. (You might even start wondering how you ever made it without a wet/dry vac in the first place!)

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