What a Floor Grinder Offers Your Maintenance Department

grinderWhile you might not have thought about adding a floor grinder to your maintenance department’s arsenal, it can be a valuable asset. This is especially true if you have concrete floor surfaces.

A concrete floor grinder can be used to smooth out and polish concrete surfaces. It doesn’t matter whether it’s indoors or outside. The weight of a floor grinder for concrete surfaces is about slightly more than 500 kg, and the average experienced worker can cover approximately 46 square feet per day.

Why would you even need to consider polished concrete floor surfaces?

If you have a commercial facility that was, for the most part, used for industrial purposes, such as the warehouse, but you’re converting the entire portion of it into an office environment, having that concrete floor surface polished can be a great alternative to installing a brand new floor on top of it.

That can save you a great deal of money, it can make the office environment look spectacular, and will last a very long time.

You can also use it for grinders for general maintenance of concrete floor surfaces. If you have glue, paint, or other sticky residue that has affixed to the concrete floor surface, these floor grinders can be used to remove those contaminants. If you don’t remove those foreign contaminants, it can weaken the surface of the floor, increasing the risk of cracking, breaking apart, and ultimately becoming a safety hazard.

If you’re planning to add a floor grinder to the equipment your maintenance department can use, make sure they understand about proper safety equipment and wear that safety equipment at all times when operating this floor grinder. It’s also absolutely necessary that no one else is around when the floor grinder is being used. Flying debris can be extremely dangerous, even for other maintenance personnel.

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