What Are Tynex Brushes and Why Are They Better Than Floor Cleaning Pads?

What is a Tynex Floor Scrubber Brush?

Tynex floor brushes are made from silicon carbide impregnated nylon bristles.

Why is that important?

This is important because these types of bristles first maintain their shape and second maintain their aggressiveness through the life of the brush.

This means that a Tynex floor scrubber brush will last longer than most other types of floor brushes that you’ll find on the marketplace.

How Are Tynex Brushes Different from Other Floor Cleaning Brushes?

The primary difference is the type of material that’s been used to make these Tynex brushes.  This makes Tynex brushes more durable and long-lasting compared to other brushes, which are typically made from nylon or polypropylene.

These brushes tend to be softer brushes, which have a standard cleaning efficacy but not really a deep cleaning efficacy.

Because of the durability and the aggressiveness that’s built into the Tynex brushes, the Tynex brush will work much better than most of those standard nylon scrubbing brushes and last much longer.

What Can You Use a Tynex Floor Scrubber Brush For?

At the end of the day, the innovation of the Tynex brush is in the silicon carbide material that is used.

However, the function of the Tynex brush is similar to the function of your traditional cleaning floor pad that you normally use.

So, for example, the red Tynex gentle scrub brush will work similarly to a red floor pad.

The blue Tynex scrubbing brush works similar to a blue cleaning pad.

The black Tynex stripping brush works similarly to a black stripping pad.

And then there’s a fourth one in the line which is what we call the Scarify Brush. The scarify brush is a much more aggressive brush with much thicker filaments and is typically used to clean concrete and to manage the imperfections that you’ll typically find in concrete floors where you’ll find cracks, dips, and pores in concrete flooring.

How Are Tynex Brushes Better Than Floor Pads?

There are three primary reasons why a Tynex brush is better than a floor pad.

Reason# 1:

The first reason is its efficacy or the effectiveness of the cleaning you get with a Tynex brush.

You will notice that the bristle surface of the Tynex brush is uneven. This allows you to actually clean floors better as it allows you to clean all the pores and crevices and grout lines that you’ll find on a typical floor.

Because as you know, no floor is 100% even.

So, the Tynex brush gets into those hard to clean areas on a floor compared to a floor pad which is flatter. The floor pads flat surface won’t get into those cracks, crevices, and holes whereas a Tynex brush will – giving you a much better and more effective clean.

So that’s the first benefit of using a Tynex brush and perhaps the most important reason for anyone that is cleaning floors and wants to get the best results results.

Reason# 2:

The second benefit of a Tynex brush is its overall economic value.

I often get asked the question, “Why are these brushes more expensive?”

But the reality is, they’re not more “expensive” than floor pads when you think about it…

Because ONE Tynex brush will last as long as 200 floor pads! 

So, when you do the math, you realize that the cost of a Tynex brush is actually one third (1/3rd), the cost of 200 floor pads.

So that’s the first reason why it has better economic value.

The second reason it has better economic value is that unlike floor pads, Tynex brushes don’t get “clogged” or dirty.

So, as you’re cleaning using a brush, it continually cleans itself because the bristles are always moving and rubbing against each other.

This means you spend less time having to change or clean pads during a cleaning job, which means your work goes faster and you save time when cleaning using Tynex brush.

So, that’s the second reason the Tynex brush is better for your wallet and has better economic value.

Reason# 3:

And then the third reason Tynex brushes are better than floor pads is that because you are now not using 200 pads, you’re throwing far less garbage into the landfill.

And that’s much better for the environment.

So, you’re actually helping the environment by using a Tynex brush.

So, in summary, a Tynex brush does a better cleaning job on floors, is less costly compared to replacing floor pads which don’t last as long, saves you time while cleaning, and is much better for the environment.

Where Can You Buy Tynex Brushes?

Tynex brushes are typically available at specialty janitorial/sanitation (JAN-SAN) distributors and floor care supply shops.

At Centaur Floor Machines we stock a full range of Tynex brushes in a variety of sizes starting with 13-inch brushes to 18-inch brushes.

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