12-Gallon Shop Vac

What is a 12-Gallon Shop Vac and What is it Used For?

If you work in a shop or you use your garage for a lot of work every week, you might be struggling to keep things clean in your workspace. This is where a 12-gallon shop vac can come in handy for your cleaning needs! Keeping up with dust and other kinds of messes related to garage work or industrial processes can be tough without the right vacuum cleaner on hand.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are made for all kinds of hard daily use, and you will find that there is no home use vacuum that will hold up to this kind of use the way that a commercial vacuum cleaner can. If you have been struggling to keep your shop or your garage clean, you probably need to upgrade to a commercial vacuum cleaner that has the capacity to clean your workspace easily and effectively.

If you are ready to learn more about what a 12-gallon shop vac is and what it is used for, read on!

What is a Shop Vac?

The first thing we need to do is define what a shop vac is. You might have found a vacuum cleaner that is sold locally and think that it will fit your needs, but without knowing if it counts as a shop vac, you might be investing in an item that will not take care of your cleaning requirements.

A shop vac is most often used in industrial and woodworking spaces. This means that this kind of industrial vacuum cleaner can suck up dust and heavy particulate matter as well as debris and chunks of material.

Think about how much dust is thrown into the air when you sweep this kind of debris up. You want to avoid this kind of contamination of the air and you can do this easily with a quality commercial vacuum cleaner on your side.

A shop vac can also be used as a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to suck up liquid messes and dispose of them readily as well. Even if you are not planning to use your shop vac to clean up liquid messes, it comes in very handy to have this kind of tool on hand when a spill occurs.

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Types of 12-gallon Shop Vac

A 12-gallon shop vac is a great size shop vac to invest in because it will hold the right amount of liquid or particulate waste for most industrial projects. There are large industrial vacuum cleaners on the market, but a 12-gallon vacuum will offer you the right balance of effective cleaning power and manageable size for use in most industrial or garage spaces.

If you pick a smaller shop vac, this will usually lead to you wearing out the motor more quickly and you will have to empty the vacuum frequently throughout the cleaning process which wastes time and effort. 12-gallon shop vacs are a great choice, whether you are picking a wet and dry vacuum cleaner or a dry vacuum cleaner.

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Benefits of Shop Vacs Compared to Home Use Vacuums

Shop vacs are much more powerful than home vacuums and they are made for picking up large debris as well as very fine dust and particulate matter. They can also filter the air, which home use vacuums cannot often do. Between the ability to handle a large volume of tough dry particulate matter, and the ability to pick up liquid spills, shop vacs are often far superior to home vacuums for industrial use.

As an added bonus, many shop vacs come with hoses and attachments that can be used to clean hard-to-access places, as well as make it possible to clean upholstery and other surfaces that home use vacuums cannot address.

Shop vacs are frequently on casters as well, making it easy to bring them with you across your workspace and allowing you to wheel them to the dumpster to be emptied. Shop vacs are designed to be used in industrial environments and they are much easier to use than a home vacuum in a shop or garage. Between the added durability of a shop vac and all of the features that are specifically designed for shop use, a shop vac is a great investment for your working space cleaning needs.

A 12-Gallon Shop Vac is a Great Investment

12-Gallon shop vacs are a great investment if you have an industrial space that needs to be kept clean. There are so many ways that a 12-gallon shop vac can help you to do this and you will get years of life from your new vacuum when you pick a commercial vacuum cleaner for your shop cleaning needs.

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Picking the right shop vac can save you time and money and it can make your workspace clean and safe for yourself as well as your employees.

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