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What is an Industrial Shop Vac?

Most everyone is familiar with the small shop vacs that you can buy for use in your home or garage. These are the smaller versions of the industrial shop vacs that you can buy for your business. Shop vacuums of any size are intended to handle picking up large objects, to deal with dust, and some are even made to handle liquid spills as well.

If you have been struggling to keep up with the mess in your warehouse or garage, an industrial shop vac is probably the right answer for your needs! There are various kinds of shop vacs that you can invest in and you should consider what your actual cleaning needs are before you select one. They come in many sizes and offer many levels of suction.

If you are ready to learn more about what an industrial shop vac is and what it can do, read on!

How do Shop Vacs Work?

Shop vacs are made with longer cords to allow you to cover large spaces with ease and they are made with special filters that can handle dust and other challenges like large particulates from wood carving or sanding of materials. These vacuums are made to prevent damage to the motor from large particles or other kinds of materials.
Shop vacs often come with lots of attachments and various hoses that you can attach for different kinds of jobs and they are often on casters so that you can pull them around as needed. They will usually open from the top and do not have bags, so all you need to do is empty them into a dumpster or another garbage receptacle when they get full.

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What is a Wet and Dry Vacuum?

This style of shop vacuum can be used to clean up liquid spills as well as dry materials and dust. These are specially designed vacuums that can suck up water so you can remove it from your workspace. These shop vacs will have a separate canister that holds liquids that it has sucked up and you should be able to unclip this reservoir and pour it out.

These vacuums are really great for car detailers or for use in industrial spaces where spills are common. They will not help you out if you have carpet that needs to have liquids removed from it, but they are very handy when smooth surfaces are involved.

Many wet and dry vacuums will be 12-gallon shop vac styles so that there is room for the water reservoir inside the shop vac. This means that you will be able to handle larger amounts of dry materials as well. These are large vacuums and might be too large for small spaces or small shops, but they can come in handy when a big mess needs to be cleaned up.

Can my Shop-Vac Replace a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine?

No, your wet and dry vacuum will not replace a commercial carpet cleaning machine. You will always need to have the right tools for cleaning carpets. These kinds of vacuums are made for smooth surfaces like concrete or wood flooring and they can also be used to suction some moisture out of the interior of cars.

If you have a large liquid spill on a carpeted flooring surface that needs to be cleaned up, you will need to invest in a commercial carpet cleaning machine. These kinds of vacuums will be able to dispense water as well as suction it up and they will usually have soap reservoirs that allow you to dispense cleaning agents while you scrub the floor. These are multi-step machines that are more like floor scrubbers than vacuums.

An industrial shop vac will not be able to handle these kinds of carpet cleaning needs, but it can do almost everything else that you might need! In most situations, you will not have carpeted surfaces in a garage, warehouse, or any other location that you would need an industrial shop vac, so there is probably no need to look any further than a trusted shop vac for your cleanup needs.

An Industrial Shop Vac Can Handle Tough Clean Up

Industrial shop vacs are a great solution if you constantly need to clean up large particulate matter, dust, and even metal fragments. You will not be able to find a better or more reliable solution for this kind of cleaning need, and the design of these kinds of vacuums is ideal for your warehouse or industrial needs.

If you have been struggling to keep your workspace or business clean with a broom and dustpan, it is definitely time to upgrade to an industrial shop vac. When you have purchased your first industrial shop vac, you will never want to return to sweeping up ever again!

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