When the Budget is Cut: How Companies Can Still Make Commercial Floor Maintenance a Priority

When the Budget is Cut: How Companies Can Still Make Commercial Floor Maintenance a PriorityIt’s not always easy working within a confined budget for some companies. For maintenance crews, having budgets slashed makes it seem almost impossible to keep up with everything that’s going on throughout the commercial facility.

Making commercial floor maintenance a priority can certainly be difficult when the financial resources are extremely limited. Some individuals within the company, especially those who are in charge of the finances, may not fully understand how important it is to maintain the facility in great condition.

Focusing on short-term savings can have significant long-term impacts and can cost the company tens of thousands of dollars needlessly.

There are some things that maintenance personnel and departments can do to help ensure that the commercial floors are maintained as well as possible, even when the budgets are slashed significantly.

1. Purchase commercial floor cleaning equipment, rather than leasing. Leasing is a short-term cost savings and can certainly be tempting, but it’s a good idea to make an investment and at least one new piece of commercial floor cleaning equipment every year, if possible.

2. Get the right piece of equipment for the size floor. Larger floor surfaces require larger pieces of equipment. Some maintenance departments use small pieces of equipment as a way to try and save money. This can actually reduce efficiency, requiring more man-hours to get the job done. By selecting the appropriate size piece of equipment, it can actually save money year after year.

3. Explain the importance of commercial floor maintenance to those in charge of the budget. Far too often those in charge of the company’s budget simply don’t understand the value of proper maintenance. When it is explained using facts, charts, and other visual aids, it could help squeeze out a little bit more money for the maintenance department each year.

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