Why You Don’t Need a Commercial Floor Cleaning Company

too many coats of finishOne of the primary jobs of your maintenance personnel and department is to make sure each facility is in good condition, that everything is working properly, and they are clean.

One of the jobs of many maintenance departments is to make sure the commercial floor surfaces are looking great and are safe at all times. You may be looking at hiring a commercial floor cleaning company to come in and take care of the floors, maybe only once a week or once a month. You see this as a necessary evil because you simply don’t want to keep having to purchase new commercial floor cleaning equipment, training new personnel, or paying overtime as needed for your personnel to work during the night to get those floors stripped, waxed, and buffed.

In reality, your commercial floors need to be cleaned thoroughly every day. This is especially true when you have a significant amount of foot traffic coming in and throughout the facility. For example, hospitals have maintenance personnel constantly working in different areas on different floors throughout all hours of the day and into the night to make sure those floors are clean and safe.

Maybe you don’t have the amount of foot traffic that a hospital sees, but that doesn’t mean you can try and cut corners and just hire a commercial floor cleaning company once a week. Those floors deserve regular attention and there may be times when it’s necessary to buff, polish, and rewax the floors more frequently than once a week.

What you should do is make the right investment in quality commercial floor cleaning equipment. The right equipment with experienced personnel who are well-trained in maintaining those commercial floors will be the best investment in helping you maintain safe and incredibly great looking floors.

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