Winter Floor Maintenance Tips for Commercial Businesses

Mat Services: Worth the Investment or Overkill?Operating a business is never easy, but the winter time, especially in Canada, makes it even more difficult. That’s because you have to keep your commercial floor spaces clean and safe for everyone, from employees to clients, consumers, partners, and more.

Here are a few winter floor maintenance tips that can make a difference for your business this winter season.

Winter Maintenance Tip #1: Rely on walkoff mats.

You can get walkoff mats that you take care of yourself or you can hire a service that will deliver clean, dry walkoff mats and replace them on a regular schedule. This can help to prevent a lot of slick spots on your commercial floor surfaces that occur when people track in snow, rain water, ice, results, and slush.

Winter Maintenance Tip #2: Clean the floors every day.

It may be necessary in certain parts of the facility to mop up wet areas, whether you have walkoff mats or not. Even though you may have your maintenance crew mopping every hour or two, it’s still important to make sure those floors are properly cleaned every single day to not only keep them looking great, but to maximize their longevity and protect everyone who comes onto the property.

Winter Maintenance Tip #3: Use area fans.

There are specific fans designed for large commercial spaces that can be used to help dry out certain areas. This can make it much easier to not only keep up with access water that is tracked in, but to also clean certain floor areas for some facilities that may be open 24 hours a day.

You can use these fans or heating systems that can help try out the floors much more quickly, leaving people exposed to fewer risks of slip and fall accidents.

When you follow some of these winter floor maintenance tips, you will keep your commercial facility safe for everyone who uses it.

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