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It May Not Seem Like It from a Distance, but Commercial Carpeting Can Be Some of the Unhealthiest, Filthiest Places in Any Facility

Mat Services: Worth the Investment or Overkill?When you step into an office that has short pile carpeting from wall-to-wall, it might generally be something of a darker color. It may be some shade of blue, gray, or even beige. These darker colors are intended to hide some of the dirt and other materials that collect over time.

Keeping carpets clean, especially in a commercial environment, is not an easy task.

The larger the workforce, the more foot traffic, the more items getting dropped onto the carpeting, and more can all have a significant impact on its cleanliness and longevity. However, with many people walking through these office environments that are carpeted wall-to-wall, it often looks pretty clean from a distance.

Upon closer inspection, though, reality sets in.

There may be paperclips, staples, lint, strands of hair, lettuce and other food items, coins, and so much more all spread throughout and even (and especially) in the corners and along the baseboards.

Vacuuming these floors on a regular basis isn’t enough.

When it comes to commercial facilities that are carpeted, vacuuming is only going to get the surface stuff, and it’s only going to be as effective as the person operating the machine. If that individual does not take advantage of the attachments, including the crevice attachment, and doesn’t focus on getting underneath the desks, around the corners, and other hard-to-reach areas, the cleanliness of that facility overall is going to diminish quickly.

It also may be necessary to wash them consistently.

A carpet cleaning is usually done with powerful, truck mounted equipment. A commercial facility should also employ the use of the right machines, giving their maintenance department the tools they need to do the job right.

Just because it may look clean from a distance doesn’t mean it is. In fact, much of the carpeting that exists in commercial facilities contains a host of fine particulates, allergens, and other pollutants that, when kicked up into the air every time somebody walks across the surface, can affect health, safety, and well-being for those utilizing that facility.

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