Chemicals for the floor cleaning industry


511 Sealer Enhancer for stones view all

511 Sealer Enhancer for stones

It seals and enhance the colour of the marble and slate

Residue remover view all

Residue remover

remove accumulated residue build-up on stone surface.

Removing stains from stone surface view all

Removing stains from stone surface

Remove stain from marble, granite

Heavy-Duty Acidic Cleaner view all

Heavy-Duty Acidic Cleaner

removes grout, mortar residue and efflorescence

Dog urine odor remover

Dog urine odor remover from carpet

511 Porous+Sealer view all

511 Porous+Sealer

For the most porous surfaces

Grout Sealer

for cement type of grout

Marble Paste view all

Marble Paste

PC paste polisher

Grout Cleaner

for kitchen, bathroom and showers

Crystallizer view all


Make floors look shinier and harder

Glue-Off view all


Remove the glue
from marble, granite and concrete

TroubleGone view all


Baseboard Cleaner.

StoneLinc PC view all

StoneLinc PC

Marble polishing powder

KleanHard view all


Concrete floor cleaner
Good for concrete and terrazzo.

Concrete hardener (Puma) view all

Concrete hardener (Puma)

Premium concrete hardener

Stone Tile Cleaner view all

Stone Tile Cleaner

gentle cleaner for the most difficult job

Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner view all

Porcelain Ceramic Cleaner

Porcelain & Ceramic cleaner

511 Impregnator sealer view all

511 Impregnator sealer

Penetrating sealer
Forms invisible barrier